Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog Tips :: Facebook

So with Facebook's new page layout, there are some great options you should know about. There are also some NOT so great things that you NEED to know about. If you have any New Facebook Tips or info, please leave a comment and let me know!
  • Page's can now comment on other pages as themselves! This is a very cool feature that a lot of us have been waiting for. You can choose between using FB as your personal Profile or your Page. Love this feature.
  • The layout is neat. I personally like the new layout with the menu in the sidebar. I find it much easier on the eyes.
  • The photo's. Now when you click on photo's, a lightbox pops up instead of taking you to the photo's page. I don't like this. 
  • You can only LIKE up to 500 pages using your PAGE. So be aware of that when you click that like button!
  • If you LIKE a page with your page, it doesn't count. FB ONLY counts likes from personal profiles.
  • The new default setting for your feed is to only show updates from pages/friends who you have recently interacted with. This means you are only seeing updates from a few people. This also means that your posts aren't being seen either! To fix this:
  • Click on the "Recent" option on the top of your feed page. Choose edit options, then choose "see updates from all pages/friends". Other pages and friends will need to do this too, so make sure you pass this on. You may need to do this for your personal feed AND your pages feed.
  • The spam filter is now hidden under your ADMIN VIEW. Under your Wall link in your left sidebar, you will see "admin view". Click that. Now you are seeing your wall thru your admin view. Click "Hidden Posts" on the top of your wall. This is where FB send posts that it says are spam. Check this often as FB doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to which posts get hidden. To unhide, click the X in the corner of the post and choose UnHide.
  • You need to RESET your Pages information. It's likely that your Category settings defaulted to the first in the list and you are listed under Appliances. Go to Edit page and click on "basic information" setting. Choose your new category and sub category. Also make sure all your other settings are correct.
  • The new Featured options are really cool. You can now choose which of your LIKED pages (these have to be from your PAGES LIKES, not your personal profile) you want to show up on your pages sidebar. Go to edit page and choose "Featured". From there you can choose which pages you would like to be visible on your sidebar (only 5).

Tips from MommyDsKitchen (now closed).