Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog Tips :: Spam

I’m not going to address actual email SPAM as that is pretty much common sense.

1. Blog Spam
Leaving commercials for your page on OTHER people's blog comments. This one should be common sense, but apparently it's not. Now, there are simple exceptions. If you're leaving a comment and are directing the BLOGGER to something, that’s OK. If you are on a linky page and would like to leave a link to your linky, that is SOMETIMES okay. (Just depends on the blogger.) Things like this are acceptable.

Things that ARE NOT acceptable are leaving comments addressing the other readers of that blog and directing them to your content.

2. Twitter Spam
Twitter Spam! DM's on twitter are 90% Spam. Most everyone knows this and therefore they don't pay attention to DM's anyway. Sending the usual Spam DM after you are followed is annoying and spamy, but people don't seem to notice it anymore. Sending MORE THEN ONE will get you reported and blocked.

It is the same with Spam tweets. If you send tweets out of the blue trying to sell something, most usually block you. Sometimes, will also report you.

3. Facebook Spam
Facebook Spam. This is one that REALLY annoys. When friends post things on your wall, if they are readers and you have interacted with them before, most don't mind at all. BUT if you come to a FB page and leave a post that addresses their friends leaving a link to your content, this is spamy! Most ALWAYS remove that post. If you do it again, most will block you.

Another SPAMY thing on FB. Leaving a link to your content in the comments of another post on a wall that has nothing to do with that post. EXAMPLE: "My mother recently passed away", and then someone posts a link to a giveaway in the comment to that post. Not only spamy, but disrespectful.

If someone posts a blog post on someone's wall, PLEASE don't post a link in the comments directing readers to your content.

If you post something like: "I made some homemade bread last night. The recipe is on my blog. LINK" (All in all, a little spammy depending on where it was posted, but overlookable until the link is clicked and it goes to a giveaway). That's spamy.

So how do you get your content out on FB without being Spamish?
Be nice! If you would like to address someone's readers, ask them first! 9/10 times they will say yes.

If you want to post something on someone's wall, address the person whom the page belongs to. It’s VERY rude to ignore them and go over their heads.

NO: "Giveaway going on NOW at BLAH BLAH BLAH. Lots to win so hurry over. (LINK)"
YES: "Hey. I am doing a giveaway and I thought you and your readers would enjoy some of the prizes. Come join us at :LINK"

So ARE YOU Spamy?

Tips from MommyDsKitchen (now closed).