Monday, April 11, 2011

A break for Mommy? What's that?

So yesterday, I got a break. Yeah, me, a break. I was surprised. The brother-in-law and his girlfriend came over for lunch. She was saying how they had to go shortly because her son, who plays in orchestras sometimes, called her and told her he's doing a very important opera and wants her there. It was after 1 PM and the opera started at 2 PM. She asked if I've ever been to an opera, to which I said no but always thought it'd be lovely to go to one. So she invited me along. Of course, I went. Thankfully, Sergio had the day off so he was able to watch Joey.

The opera was called "Il Postino" ('The Postman'), and it was very good! I really enjoyed it. It was sung in spanish, which my spanish isn't good enough to keep up yet... but they had english subtitles. I was really happy to have gone and finally see a live opera. They're wonderful and beautiful. I would love to see more.

It was a nice break for me since I'm always at home with Joey, cooking/cleaning/etc. Once this next baby arrives, I doubt I get to take a break for awhile, haha. My break will be when they go to sleep. Breaks or not, I wouldn't trade being a mommy for anything!


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  2. Thanks, Crystal! I went ahead and posted my "Meet me on Monday" today. A day late, but oh well, haha. Thanks for following!

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