Monday, April 4, 2011

Hoping for good weather!

Until LiveJournal is up and at normal speed again, you get an update here.

Been feeling the baby now and then. Sergio says he can feel it softly when she/he is moving. Don't know if he really is or not, but I won't take that from him, haha. I feel so tired all the time. Joey keeps me hopping. He's been my walking buddy.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day out, and I hope it stays that way because we're taking Joey to the Houston Zoo. Every first Tuesday of the month is a free day, so we try to go. And since it's free, why not? I can't wait to go. I need to be sure to charge the camera and clear any pictures off.

I found a layout for this. I like it. I would prefer something custom made just for me, which I could make the graphics myself but unsure where to get a good coding for that. So until then, this will do. I need to make some sidebar stuff for the 'family' part.

I need to try looking for more recipes to try. I've been looking on Baby Center to find them, since I'm trying to find "kid friendly" recipes. Found one for spinach and cheese stuffed chicken. Oh man, so good!! Planning to make it for lunch tomorrow since the free time at the zoo starts at 2 PM.

Give me some ideas of things to post about! I think I'll post the recipe I was talking about.

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