Monday, April 18, 2011

My baby... almost 2 years old? Is that possible?

Next week, will make my little man 22 months old. Exactly 2 months away from being a full 2 year old. Two whole fingers. I still can't process it through my mind. My boy... my sweet little baby boy... 2 years old? It just can't be. It honestly feels like he was just born yesterday. Yesterday... like I just held him for the first time, telling him how handsome he is, how much I love him and can't wait to take him home and be the best mommy I can be. I feel like I blinked and suddenly he's becoming independent, not needing me. I tell him all the time, "you might feel like you won't need me when you get older, but know that if you do, I'm always here." He just looks at me with that breathtaking smile that melts my heart. Our time together is so precious, and in a way, I'm sad that another baby is coming and will cut into our time. But whenever this baby gives me a minute break, that break will go to my little man.
Joey, I hope you always remember that no one will never take your place in my heart. Part of my heart will always belong to you. I changed my life for you. I don't regret it. You were the best change that has ever happened to me. You make me stronger each day. I love you more and more every day. Tomorrow, I'll love you more than today. I'll always be on your side, no matter what. You'll always have my love. No one, or anything, will take that from you. I promise you that. Forever and ever, I love you.
 Before I know it, he'll be in school and realize it's uncool to cuddle/kiss/hug your mom. So you can bet, that I'm soaking up every second that he let's me cuddle him like a baby, give each other kisses, and all the hugs he wants to give me or let's me give. You can bet, I'm not wasting these precious times. And yes, it may look like I'm wasting them right now but updating but he's napping, haha. So I'm helping time pass until he wakes up and we're back to enjoying each other.

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