Saturday, April 9, 2011

No nap? But why? Mommy wants one!

I think my son is trying to get his self off naps. Around 3 or 4 PM, he gets so tired, he passes out. He used to nap every day around 11 AM. He's 21 months old. I try to get him to nap early, but he won't. Last night, he kept me up from around 1 to 3 AM. He had his daddy up some before that, but since Daddy worked today, I stayed up with the boy. I'm so tired. 15 weeks pregnant and little sleep? Not fun. I told Joey he needed to nap early cause once 3 PM comes, he's not allowed to nap. It's 3:14 PM, and so far so good. No tempers yet. He might just break me if he gets into his bad Peruvian temper (my husband is full Peruvian). We'll see how this goes. Once it gets a bit cooler outside, I'll take him outside to play. That'll help keep him up until bedtime.

... I hope ...

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