Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random Thoughts.

I made a baby registry at Mostly for myself to keep track of what I want so I don't have a bunch of stuff bookmarked.

Yesterday at the zoo was a lot of fun! We actually saw things we didn't see the last time. Joey had a blast this time. He was too tired last time and mostly slept. But he had lots of fun and loved seeing everything. We have pictures, but I'll have to get them up another day. I just love animals. I saw something there I didn't know they had... red panda!!!! I didn't realize they were so big! So much more adorable in person. I would have loved to seen a giant panda, but this was cool too.

Joey has been wild today. Running in circles, screaming (playfully) and laughing like crazy, etc. We should go for a walk since the sun is going down.

I'm not feeling well. My sinuses are bothering me. All day yesterday I was sneezing. I want to sleep, but today is a busy day for Sergio at work, so I can't sleep until he gets home around 10. At least he'll be home tomorrow until around 3. So I can hopefully get some rest then. I hope it's not another sinus infection. I don't need that.

Alright, I'm going to take Joey for our walk. We try to go daily. Gives us something to do. And it's good for both of us.