Saturday, April 2, 2011

Second Trimester

I have now entered the second trimester. 14 weeks... 4 months. Pretty exciting! Hard to believe we're this far along already. Hard to believe within no time, we'll have another kid in the house. Joey will no longer be the only one, but we're making plans now to make sure he still feels just as he does now; still lots of trips to the park, lots of playtime with us, going places, etc. We're going to do our best to make sure he doesn't feel like the baby is replacing him.

I'm pretty sure I've felt the baby move already. Not much, but now and then. Nothing strong though. I can't wait until she/he is moving a lot so I know she/he is ok and happy. I have my next appointment on the 14th, and by then, I'll be close to 16 weeks. With Joey, I was well over 20 weeks when they finally told me what he was. I wonder if they'll be able to tell at this appointment or if I'll have to wait. We'll see.

I want to update this blog more, but I don't know what to update it with. Any ideas?

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