Saturday, April 16, 2011

check-up and more

So tomorrow makes 16 weeks along. Thursday (14th) I had a check-up, and thankfully, all is well with the baby. I was getting worried because I began having cramps. Tuesday (12th), they got so bad that I ended up in bed all day (minus the time spent "hugging" my toilet). I hadn't felt the baby in awhile before my appointment, and even though I figured all was ok, there was still that 'what if' feeling. The doctor told me as long as I don't see blood, we're ok. But she said I need to rest more, stop lifting Joey so much, and take it easy. So I'm trying to do that. She told me that once I reach 20 weeks and if the cramps are still there, then we need to worry. She had a hard time finding the baby's heartbeat which scared me even more until she finally found it. My mom is planning to come out in a few weeks after they get moved and settled into the new house to help out with Joey and the housework. My next appointment is May 12th. But on May 5th, we find out if it's a girl or boy!!! I'll be happy either way, but I do want a girl. With a girl, I can get my tubes tied and quit having kids, haha.

Joey's been doing great. He's taking shorter naps now. Somedays, he won't even nap. He still have trouble with nightmares though. I wish they would go away. I hate seeing him waking up scared to death and afraid to open his eyes. Takes us at least 30 minutes to make him realize it's ok and for him to calm down when he has them. He had one last night, so I held him on my lap, letting me cuddle him while I sang  all the songs I sang to him while he was inside me and after he was born. He fell asleep on me and I was loving every minute. Even with my back hurting and him sweating on me, I wouldn't trade those moments for anything.

For the past 3 weeks, Sergio's been saying they (he and his brothers) were going to clean out the pool and get it ready. I'm still waiting! I want to go swimming! I wish we were able to get a pool, just a blow up thing like we had last year, for here at our house. Then Joey and I could swim anytime we wanted. I keep trying to talk Sergio into that, cause Big Lots has one (a 12' 30', not very big but enough to cool off and have fun... the one we had last year was much bigger) for 67 dollars. But he hasn't agreed yet, haha.

Anyways... I'll try to update some more later. Going to lay down on the couch a bit. Not feeling well.

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