Monday, July 9, 2012

App Review :: Lego+ and Lego Duplo

Lego App 4+ - found in the Apple App Store

My son loves this game! He's been playing it about a year - he just recently turned 3 years old. You build your car, then go. If you collect the gold pieces, you will be taken to piece together legos to make an object, which then appears behind as you drive. He loves it, and my niece does as well - she's 5 years old. [Price: Free]

Lego Duplo - found in the Apple App Store

With this, you can watch videos, play with the animals... I'm not sure what all you can do yet, as I recently downloaded it and my son refuses to let me see, haha. But he loves it. There's a part where you have to build a road for the car to get around town. It keeps him laughing. [Price: Free]

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