Sunday, July 15, 2012

Book Review :: Winter's Saga Book 2

Winter's Storm: Retribution by Karen Luellen
Rating: ***** (5 Stars)
Viewers: 13+ yrs

- Description

Born into evil.
Raised for violence.
Searching for truth.


In the second book of Winter’s Saga we meet Creed Young. He’s a metahuman, like Meg, Alik and Evan Winter, but unlike the Winter children, Creed wasn’t rescued by a goodhearted doctor from the experiments and traumas at the hands of the evil Dr. Williams. No, Creed wasn’t that lucky. Instead, he was raised along with hundreds of other metasoldiers in a militant compound to be a lethal, bloodthirsty assassin. His first assignment: To kill the thief, Margo Winter, who stole three children from Dr. Williams’ institute twelve years ago, and return those stolen assets.

- My Thoughts

Just like the first one, I was sucked into the story! You go further into their lives and find out things that worry you, keep you guessing, and more. Plus getting some new meta friends thrown into the mix.

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