Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Craftiness :: chair makeovers

So one night while my son was out driving his John Deere truck, with my hubby walking along side him, they came back home with something. A chair they found sitting out for trash pick up the next day. It was in great shape, just needed painted. Then he tells me they are going to get the other two chairs! I was very excited that my hubby is becoming ok with used things. I come from a family that if it's in good shape, clean up to look new! So I managed to get one chair finished, but the other two might have to wait for cooler days.

Here's before and after...

I painted this one red so my son can use it in his room. Somewhere for me to sit when reading to him, or him to sit... whatever reason. I'm very pleased with it. Just need to get some Disney Cars material to make a cushion for it (his room is done in the Cars theme).


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    1. Thanks! I can't wait to get some material to make the cushion. It will look so cute in Joey's room!