Sunday, July 8, 2012

DIY :: recycled boxes to blocks

Both of my boys love these and it helps my older son with his shapes/etc as well. Plus it really helps on teaching how you can recycle something for fun.

Step 1: Get some boxes. I used cracker boxes, stove top stuffing boxes, and even an old can of baby formula. You can use different sizes as well. Once you have your boxes, if the boxes seem weak, put one box inside the other. Helps make it more sturdy. Tape the ends closed.

Step 2: Use construction paper to cover the boxes. You could probably use other things to cover them, like scraps of materials. Tape the ends down, or glue... whichever you prefer.

Step 3: Decorate! I drew shapes, letters, and numbers on some. I even used stickers to dress them up some more.

And you're done! Now have fun! My older son loves to build them high then knock them over. Typical boy, haha.

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  1. What a great way to help with shapes! And totally free, which I love! Thanks! Stopping by from Tip Junkie!

    ~Cameron {The Stimson Chronicles}