Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireworks! Boom!

Anyone go see some fireworks last night? We - hubby, both boys, mother-in-law, and I - went to The Woodlands yesterday to watch them. We got over there around 7 and hadn't had dinner yet, so we went into the mall to eat. Everything but Great Wraps was closed. We ate, and Joey played around some, then outside to watch. We thought about getting close, but saw others watching from the mall parking lot. I asked them if it was a good view, and they said yes. So we just stayed by the car to watch inside of dealing with the huge crowd closer to the show. My brother-in-law and nephew showed up right before the show started. Both boys enjoyed it a lot. I'm surprised Chris didn't cry over the noise. It was nice, and the weather wasn't too bad, thank goodness.

I took these with my iPod touch.

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