Sunday, July 29, 2012

Promo :: Mommy Blogger Scholarship

Need funds for your blog, Mommies? How does $1,000 sound? Are you a mommy blogger or want to become a mommy blogger? Need the money to grow or start your own blog? Check out the Mommy Blogger Scholarship! They can give you the money to get you started and growing, with $1,000!

Requirements? Only requirements are that you are at least 18 years old, have at least 1 child, currently have a blog or plan to make one within 30 days, and apply for it. It's that easy!

What is Mommy Blogger Scholarship? Mommy Blogger Scholarship was designed to provide additional assistance to help fund the growth or start of your blog. They also realize that although you may have big dreams, you may not know where to begin. Don't worry, they'll not only help fund your blog, but will also provide you with the resources to teach you how to grow your blog.

The catch? Only that you allow them to use you as a case study to inspire other mothers and let them know how very possible it is to create their own blog AND earn an income for it!

Click the button and get started on your application!
Assistance for single mothers

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