Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Travel :: 10 tips for travelling with kids

Growing up, my parents traveled a lot with me and my two siblings from Florida to West Virginia. A long drive, and even longer for 3 kids under the age of 10. So my mom always tried to make sure we had plenty to keep us happy and cared for - even if we didn't have some of the things to keep us entertained like kids these days do. I actually use these tips myself with my two kids, sometimes even when we don't go out of the city. Never hurts to be prepared, just in case.

10 Tips For Travelling With Kids
  1. Pack a cooler with plenty of drink (or milk/formula for a baby).
  2. Take extra clothes - at least 2 sets for each kid.
  3. Make sure batteries are fully charged, or you have extra batteries, for any game devices, dvd players, and so on. (Don't forget a few movies or games to last the trip!)
  4. Always keep a first-aid kit, especially when travelling with young kids.
  5. Pack food - things like gold fish, crackers, carrot sticks, etc.
  6. Take breaks every so often - get out, stretch your legs, use the bathroom.
  7. Take pillows for when the kids want to sleep - and blankets when it's chilly.
  8. Point out what you see along the way - little kids especially love this.
  9. Take along books for them to read, or you to read to them - and if you allow it, take some coloring books and crayons, or the aqua doodle, if you have one.
  10. Make it fun! And don't forget the camera! Take pics along the way - take one at each state sign, at each airport (if you're flying), etc.
Travelling can be fun and enjoyable - maybe not with a newborn, haha. I always loved the travels my parents did with us kids. We always had fun, and have lots of great memories. I hope I can make travelling just as fun and memorable for my boys, as my parents did for us.

What do you make sure to pack or do during your trips with kids? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing! <3

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  3. Sorry I was logged in with the wrong account above...I think these are great tips, I will pass them on to my daughter for our five grandchildren. xo

    1. haha, no problem! :)

      When I think about all the gadgets kids have these day to take along, I wonder how I made it through 18 hour car rides without anything, haha.

  4. Visiting via the Two in Diapers blog hop. Great ideas! I"ll have to keep them in mind as my little one grows!