Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blog Tips :: Visitors

Looking to get more visitors to your blog? 
Here's some tips how - keep up with them, and they will work!

  • Blog Hops - or, link ups: Use them! They are there for your use. Don't just leave your link. Visit at least 2-3 others that are listed - you have to give if you want to receive.
  • Social Media: Things like Facebook/Twitter/Google+/BlogLovin can help in getting visitors. Sign up, and use them. With blogger, you can connect your G+ and have your posts sent there when you publish. For Facebook/Twitter, I like having them synced together - whatever I post at Facebook, goes to Twitter. And for my blog posts, I use Networked Blogs to automatically posts my entries to Facebook - so I won't have to go and post it each time myself. Helps save time. Pinterest is a good idea, too.
  • Stay Active: Try to keep your blog active with new entries. I'm not saying you have to get on and post everyday, but if you go too long, your visitors might stop coming. Plan some posts for the week, and schedule them for certain days you might be too busy to get online. That way, your blog stays active but you aren't glued to it.
  • Use Photos: Visitors more likely to come back if you have photos with your posts. Try to take and use your own photos - that way, you won't get in trouble for using someone else's photo.
  • Trade Links: Trade your buttons with others. Ask to do a S4S - Share For Share - on Facebook. A lot of bloggers are more than willing to help out new bloggers.

Blog hops I use: Blog Hops
Social Media: BlogLovin and Networked Blogs