Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY :: natural pest killers

I don't know what is up with this summer, but I'm having pest problems in my kitchen like you wouldn't believe! Roaches, sugar ants... and in other parts of the house, spiders. Yeah, not good with babies around. So, since I can't afford to get someone in to spray, I have to come up with my own ways of removing the pests. So I went to Google and tried some things. Hope they help you, too, if you have pests.

Here's some safe, natural ways to get rid of sugar ants and roaches.
  • Baking Soda - Mix with powered sugar, half and half. The sugar will attract them, and the baking soda works as a poison to them.

  • Vinegar - This will help keep them away off your counters. They don't like the smell. Just use it to wipe down the counters.
  • Have Spiders? - Peppermint. Put some peppermint oil in a spray bottle with some water, and spray. They don't like the smell and it keeps them away.

Have any safe, natural ideas for me to try? I'd love to hear!!


  1. oh! I want to try this! I have so many bugs around our house and I hate spraying things that I think could hurt my baby!

    1. Yeah, I don't like spraying stuff with babies around either. So these are nice since they won't hurt them. :)