Thursday, August 16, 2012

Product Review :: Nescafé Memento

If you love coffee, you'll love this review! Your favorite coffee drinks in one little pouch, and made instantly! Can't get any better than that... or can it? Keep reading to see what I thought and what flavors I got in my sample pack:

The Cappuccino: I had a a crazy day, and a headache, one evening. I remembered I had these and decided to make some - trying this one first. Mixes easily, smells great. And the taste? Amazing! Creamy, smooth, foamy. I love it! 

The Caramel Latte: Next morning, I decide to go ahead and fix my second, and last, one to try. Same experience when making. The taste? Very good! I got to sit and slowly drink it, since my kids were still sleeping. It was lovely!

Pros: Smooth, creamy, foamy, tastes great.
Cons: You will get addicted - in a good way!

Would I use again?: Definitely!
Would I buy this?: Yes.
Would I recommend?: Yes.

You can find out more, and more flavors, at

I received these as free samples. I was not paid in any way to write this review. 

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