Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Product Review :: Tea Forté

Tea Forté
Skin Smart - antioxident amplifier teas
Tea Forté has many teas to offer. I must admit, I had not heard of them until I saw on a website you could request free samples. So of course, I had to. I enjoy tea, so I thought, why not? Plus it would give me a chance to give my first product review. I had recently requested the samples, so I was surprised how quickly it arrived. Here's the three samples I got from the Skin Smart collection:

- honey yuzu: green tea for natural renewal
Bright, exotic citron flavor of yuzu and special reserve green tea sweetened with full blossom bee pollen.
- my thoughts on this flavor:
Smelled good, like smelling honey. But I wasn't impressed with the taste. Tasted like medicine to me. Not a fan of this one.

- cucumber mint: green tea for youth recovery
Special reserve green tea with invigorating cool notes of cucumber fruit and fresh mint, with the taste of sweet, succulent blueberries.
- my thoughts on this flavor:
Smells great. Lovely minty smell. Nice, smooth taste. No weird aftertaste. Minty. A bit bitter. Very good.

cherry marzipan: green tea for corrective repair
Tart-sweet lushness of acerola cherries, nutty toasted almond and special reserve green tea.
- my thoughts on this flavor:
Smells like cherries. Tastes good. Light sweet taste. I like it. Kind of reminds me of a chocolate covered cherry.

Decent prices. $6.00 for a box 16 eco tea bags (prices change for other forms of tea). 
You can buy them in the eco bag forms, loose pouchloose canister, and pyramid infusers.
You will have to wait for it to arrive to your house, haha.
A bit on the bitter side for me, but a little honey or splenda fixes that.

Would I use again?: Yes.
Would I buy this?: Yes.
Would I recommend?: Yes.

You can find out more, and more flavors, at TeaForté.com

I received these as free samples. I was not paid in any way to write this review. 

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