Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Recipes :: vitamin water (pt 2)

I finished off my first batch pretty quick, so I made another one. This time, I had kiwi... so I made strawberry kiwi water, with lemon juice. Yummy! It's good!! I love I can make different flavored waters now. And I'm drinking a lot more water now. Good no matter how you look at it.

I used about a 10 strawberries - cut in strips, and two kiwis - also cut in strips. And then used half a lemon and squeezed the juice out. 

I think my next mix will have pineapple, since I have one in the fridge I need to cut up and use. Might add some cucumber slices too. Have you made any yet? What fruits/veggies did you use?

find original recipe here 

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  1. Such a smart idea. I have heard cucumber is refreshing in water. I'm going to try this soon :)