Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Seven

  1. Blog Updates: I did make some graphics for the sidebar subjects instead of just text. Give it a bit more style. And made some graphics for some entries, like the on this one. That's about it.
  2. Family: Baby Boy turned 11 months today. 1 year next month... wow. My husband got a job! Yay! Little Man is good, too.
  3. Myself: Tuesday I have orientation for a new job I'll be starting soon. Got the paper work processed faster than expected, so I'll be a bit more busier than usual. Might not be as active here once I start. Not happy about working. But we need money.
  4. DIY/Crafts: I haven't been in a crafty mood lately. Lot of stress lately. But I would like to get going again.
  5. Nail Swatches: There's a few new ones added to the AVON collection, found here: AVON Swatches. Just did them quick, 1 color on each nail. Sorry.
  6. Guest Posts: We have a new guest post, here, about skin care tips for busy moms from Lee Ann Buttery from Mario Badescu. Check it out!
  7. Special: I have some new daily posts planned. Something other than recipes/reviews/etc. Fun things. So look out for those! I'd also like to have a giveaway, but not sure how to go about that. We'll see after I think more on it.


  1. Hiya, I just stopped by after visiting the Naptime Review Blog Hop! Awww, that is so cute about your baby boy turning one next month. Don't they grow up quick?!

    I am your newest follower on Linky and Google Friends. Hope you can stop by my place too!

    1. They do grow up quickly. Going to your blog to visit!