Friday, October 26, 2012

Product Review :: Mia Mariu // I won a giveaway! :: #2

So my friend over at was hosting a giveaway for Mia Mariu. I've never heard of it, and mostly entered just to help promote the giveaway for her. Then I see that I won! I got to pick a foundation and a lip gloss. And here's my review:

I love the shades I picked! The foundation matches great and the lip gloss is light yet shimmery, just how I like. I'm very happy with them!

Pros: Goes on great. Good choices to choose from. Feels good on, very light feeling.
Cons: A bit more than I prefer to spend, but not too expensive that I wouldn't mind spending it now and then. If that makes sense? haha! 

With the foundation and lip gloss on.
Sorry, I was on my way to work, haha.

Would I use again?: Yes.
Would I buy this?: Possibly.
Would I recommend?: Yes.

You can find out more at

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