Monday, July 29, 2013

Book Review :: Where Are The Dinos?

Where Are The Dinos?
by Julia Dweck
Rating: ***** (5 Stars)
Viewers: all ages

- Description

A day at the zoo is not complete without visiting the dinosaurs, right?
But, hey….where are they?
“I wonder why, I wonder how …
Where are all the dinos now?”
Boys and girls will delight in this fast-paced rhyming adventure chock-full of hilarious questions from a very persistent young visitor at the zoo.
“What do dinos find in shops?
Polka-dot tricera-tops?”
The laughs keep coming in this charming adventure full of dino-mite humor and fun. It’s the perfect good time read that kids will enjoy reading over and over again.
- My Thoughts
I was anxious to read this to my boys, especially since they love dinosaurs! It's very colorful and kept their attention. We really thought it was a funny book... they made me read it over a few times after the first one! It's cute and was a delight to read! Great book for any kid!! I was actually pleased to see that the books don't cost a lot. Very reasonable price. I will definitely be checking out the other books from this author.
You can find more at the author's website:, Facebook page: Julia Dweck Books, and also by searching her name on Amazon.
I given this book by the author and asked to write this review. 


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