Monday, October 14, 2013

Product Review :: TruMoo Milk

To kids, TruMoo® must feel like a trick — Mom’s letting us drink flavored milk again!? — but it’s really just a nutritious treat children and parents can’t help but agree on. Made with pure, fresh milk from your trusted dairy, no artificial growth hormones and no high fructose corn syrup, TruMoo® has the delicious taste kids go crazy for, now with 35% less sugar* than a leading chocolate milk brand. And this bewitching season, there's even more to treat your family to: Get into the fun with limited edition TruMoo in classic Chocolate and NEW Vanilla in Orange!
*A leading low-fat and fat-free chocolate milk brand contains 28g of sugar per serving. TruMoo® low-fat and fat-free chocolate milk contains 18g of sugar per serving.

Whether or not there was some sort of sorcery involved in the creation of TruMoo® is up for debate, but the yummy milk is packed with eight essential nutrients – calcium, protein, vitamins A, D and B12, riboflavin, phosphorous and potassium – to help strengthen kids’ bones, build and repair muscles and keep them full and satisfied.

Did you know children who drink flavored milk:
- Drink more milk and get more calcium and other key nutrients than non-milk drinkers?
- Drink fewer nutrient-poor sodas and fruit drinks than non-milk drinkers?
- Do not consume any more added sugars or total fat than non-milk drinkers?

These are just a few of the reasons why you can and should feel good about handing your child a glass of TruMoo® every day. Bottoms up!
My thoughts:
First off, who doesn't doesn't chocolate milk?! And being pregnant at the moment, I was very pleased to be getting this! It was a nice, smooth feel. The taste is very good. And my oldest son likes it. Between that and knowing this isn't packed with unneeded things.
This is something I would buy again. But the price? It seemed a little high for my taste. Because of that, I doubt I buy it again anytime soon. Other than that, I would definitely recommend it! We are really enjoying it.
I received this product from, in return for giving a review.

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  1. I agree the price is kinda high, but I love chocolate milk, so I sometimes splurge for it :)