Sunday, August 31, 2014

Open Letter :: Motherhood battle scars VS the world

Picture it: You're at the beach with your family. It's hot, but the breeze and water make it manageable. You see people having fun, enjoying it. People of different sizes. Then there's a mom. In a two piece. A good size without looking like a stick, but a little meat to look healthy.

Now comes the comments... you hear others making remarks about the mom you see in the piece; "Her stomach is ugly", "how can she be showing her body in front of everyone?", "that's so disgusting!"

You hear them, and think to yourself, "her's is NOTHING compared to mine! I wish mine looked that good." And you suddenly start feeling low about your body. Thankfully you are wearing clothes to cover up most of you so you won't be talked about that way.

But you know what? There's nothing wrong with her, and there's nothing wrong with you! I've seen big women in bathing suits and thought they were beautiful. I admit, I'm hard on myself. I am one of those women who are afraid to show some skin... especially, the tummy area (with my thousands of stretch marks and kangaroo pouch - thanks to 3 big boys at birth). I wish I wasn't. I'm still learning how to love my body, because without it, I wouldn't have 3 amazing boys!

I read something the other day talking about that we shouldn't care what others think of our looks/personality/whatever, because in the end, this is the only life we have. When we die, we won't be thinking about those who hurt us. We won't be thinking about anything. So we won't feel any regret or guilt. Why do we allow ourselves to suffer now, then? The world tries to force us into certain ways/looks, but they don't matter. What matters is that YOU love yourself the way you are. It's a plus when the hubby still loves you the way you are, too.

I'm really working hard on trying to be less hard on myself, and love my body. Especially, to set a good example for my kids. My oldest son tells me all the time, "you're prettiful, Mommy!" At first, I just kinda shrugged it off. Then I realized, he really does think I am "prettiful." Just like, I still think my mom is beautiful, even if she doesn't think so.

So who cares what others think... as long as you're happy, it doesn't matter what they say. Deep down, they're most likely just jealous. Live life. Enjoy it. Be happy. It's your only one.  

(I think this is more of an open letter to encourage myself...)

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