Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Product Review :: Jackpot Candles

Jackpot Candles... what is that? Simple. It's a candle with a hidden jackpot! These 100% soy candles have hidden things inside that can be valued from $5 - $5,000. You can choose what "jackpot" you want inside; ring, necklace, or earrings. And to make it better, you can choose what size ring to receive, which I loved and appreciated. Not only that, but each item comes with a code so you can go to their site, enter the code, and find out for free what your piece of jewelry is worth. I thought that was awesome. Candles are $24.95 each.

I chose the Candy Hearts candle - Love is sweet. Love is spicy. Love is forever. The aroma of this scented candle offers a combination of candied confections including leading tones of vanilla and sugar with subtle hints of cinnamon. - I'm very pleased with the scent. Nice and soft. Just the right mix.

My ring, valued at $18. I love it!

Would I buy from them in the future? Yes. Like I said, they'd make great gifts!
Would I recommend them? Yes, definitely!

Overall... I'm very pleased with the candle. It smells great, it's pretty, I can reuse the jar it comes in, and get a piece of jewelry. The ring is exactly what I like in rings and since I got to choose my size, I can wear it right away. These would make a great and fun gift for anyone!

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