Thursday, February 26, 2015

Origami Owl :: All about the ears!

"The Clara" studs - vintage rose, with "The Eden" drops

Origami Owl... the beautiful company known for their Living Lockets. But, they're also known for their earrings! You can customize them in so many ways, the possibilities are endless! Just like with their Lockets, you can create a look that fits you exactly!

Pick a stud or base, then pick a base

Design several customizable looks with just a single pair of versatile earring bases. Some which are made of high-quality sterling silver. Then keep up with the style by mixing and matching with the bases for easy, endless, irresistible combinations!

** All posts are hypoallergenic, stainless steel, nickel and lead-free.

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Want more than a few items? Host a party to get the chance to earn free Origami Owl jewelry! Parties can be hosted online. Email me, for more info:

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