Thursday, June 9, 2016

My health adventure - 003

This low carb eating is not as bad as I thought it would be. I do miss my bread. But I'm getting by without it. Since it is just me and the kids at home most of the time, I normally did not eat much anyways. But would snack on junk; chips, cookies, bread. And I feel full with this low carb diet. I'm liking my meals, too. Here's a few...

Chicken & Avocado // Ribs & Avocado

I need to go grocery shopping so I can have more sides, but I do like my avocados! So I don't mind. I've been searching for new low carb recipes to try, and have been finding some really good sounding ones. I am anxious to try them! I have been making my grocery list so I can go shopping for everything I need. 

Taco salad: meat, lettuce, avocado, 
little cheese, & taco sauce.

Stir-fry: chicken, mixed vegetables.
No rice.

Keep an eye out for low carb recipes to come!


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